We help you choose the perfect combination of these modules that fit your business.

Our modules are built and further developed by learning from you - all for the ultimate convenience of your customers.
Deals - Home
The Home - Deals module presents your home page and shows your Deals and Loyalty Deals. Your customers will act immediately.
Our Webshop is mobile native and responsive, well designed and effective, and easy to setup for new or existing shops.
Our Webshop for take-out restaurants. Notify your customers locally and connect your loyalty program to your shop. Instant success.
This module shows where you are at single or multiple locations, gives directions, allows instant calling and social sharing. Smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop - you will be found on all devices.
Membership connects your customers to your loyalty programs. They can sign up everywhere at anytime, use vouchers and scan QR codes. You collect the data in the reachq CRM and are able to reuse them for deals.
This module will allow you to put any kind of content in a module. You design your own, upload images and write text directly shown in your app and website.
Upload Images or automatically connect to other image platforms. Create folders and categories for a nice presentation.
Add manually or automatically videos to your product. Via YouTube or upload it yourself. Make categories and folders for ease of use.
With this Webview module you can load a (mobile) webpage in your product. This opens up a world of possibilities. Anything goes.
Brochures, menus, instructions, folders? Add your selection to the Documents module. A pdf-viewer will show them on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
You have connected news? This RSS feed module simply asks you for a RSS url and it will show that feed in all products.
Not a module as such, but integrated in all modules: our social media share features. Your customers can share photos, deals, loyalty programs and more.